We considered several solar installers for this major investment. We were very impressed with the responsiveness, technical knowledge, and professional courtesy of Gold Rush. They answered all of our questions, and made sure we understood all of our options. We did not have that same experience with the other companies. In addition, Gold Rush had a very competitive price, and something very important to us was that they committed to getting the system installed within 2 months. After we signed the contract, service even got better. The initial design was very fast, and were able to comment on it and get any questions clarified. Gold Rush handled the permitting with the City very quickly. And the installation only took one day. The installers were very professional and courteous. Gold Rush handled the paperwork with PG&E, and in the end, we were producing energy within approximately one month which exceeded our expectations. Gold Rush set up the monitoring software and showed us how to use it, it is very easy. Bottom line, the entire experience with Gold Rush throughout the major improvement process, was a joy. We would recommend them to anyone considering a home solar installation in the area.

Ken B.
Google Review

My wife and I received quotes from several companies, I think about 5, When we met with Daniel Ramirez and started talking solar I could tell right away that this is who we would do business with, he really knew all about the solar installation, cost, operation, process and all of the details that would be required to complete the job from start to finish, After we received their quote and processing through the other bids, we decided to go with GOLD RUSH ENERGY SOLUTIONS, they are absolutely the best, to make this process and experience even better because of my concerns about the correct size of the system, they added more panels at no cost after we had already agreed on the price, that my friends is customer service at its finest. He actually listening to my concerns and surprised me with a better,bigger system. Can you sayWOW !!! That's what you get with this company.. and further more their service after the install is FANTASTIC. The people care about their customers and their business and its not all dollars and cents.. Michael

Michael M.
Google Review

Pure Gold! We are very pleased to have chosen Gold Rush Energy Solutions for our home. We had previously been turned down by a big name company because of the lack of direct sunlight, but Gold Rush was able to design a system that allows us to generate enough electricity for our needs. Thank you, Daniel, for making this become a reality for us.

John G.
Google Review

Great people. Wonderful workmanship. These guys really know what they're doing. Respectful and friendly workers!!

Suzette L.
Google Review

I had talked to many solar companies and specially the big names. Then i talked to Daniel from Gold Rush Energy Solutions. He was very nice and polite and listened to all my questions and explained me all the advantages of the solar system and its different options with the solar panels available in the market and the invertor systems. He was not really pushy like all other solar companies will definitely do. Once i finalized the system with them, it took 1-2 weeks only to get it approved and permits and installation.
Also approval from PG&E was also very quick and my system was running perfectly as it was explained and the way it should be.
Also the installation crew were very professional and finished up the job on time and also cleaned up everything and also painted the conduits and pipes used on the wall.
They were professional and neat as they worked.
Also the online monitoring system is working perfectly as expected.
I have seen the installation for other solar systems in my neighborhood and i could see the difference.
I will definitely recommend GOLD RUSH ENERGY SOLUTIONS than the big companies, as you will get good service and personal attention than the corporate service which you don't know who you are talking to and might be different salesperson every few months.
I will definitely recommend to all my friends.

Malay V.
Google Review

Where do I begin?
My husband and I met with 5 other solar contracting companies where we struggled with the presented
options, total costs and interest rates available to us before finding Daniel and Jordan with Gold Rush
Energy Solutions. Gold Rush Energy Solutions was the only company where the project design, the
detailed information and the numbers made sense. Gold Rush put together a system that has met our
energy needs, using current technology and high-quality equipment, and at a price that brought the deal to a close. The finance company available with them had by far the best terms we had yet seen.
We signed the contract, and in less than a week Daniel was back to us with the scheduled installation
process. Jordan was on site to confirm the install. Daniel submitted the proposal to the county for the
permit in week 2. They broke ground in the same week that the county approved the permit. They had the system installed and ready for PG&E by the end of week 3. Our solar system was up and running in less than a month of signing our contract. They continue to follow up with us to see how we are doing. We have been on the solar system now for several months and it is producing where they projected. We have friends and neighbors who are producing much less than they were told to expect by the solar companies they went with. I tell them they should have gone with Gold Rush! What more can I say? They have more than exceeded our expectations. Thank you, Jordan, Daniel and crew!

Tricia M.
Google Review

We chose Gold Rush to install a solar panel system at our new home in the Placerville area this summer, and couldn't be happier with the work they did. Daniel listened to what we wanted, clearly explained how solar works without talking down to us, and was more than happy to help estimate our current and future power requirements. This was a far different experience than we had with multiple other companies, both large and small, and we felt confident we made the right choice when we signed the contract with Gold Rush.

They had the system up and running and connected to the grid within a month of getting the green light, and it is fabulous to see these $0 PG&E bills, even during the hottest summer months! Jordan and his crew did a great job on the install, and we wish all contractors were so pleasant to work with.

I would happily hire them again if we ever needed solar for a different location. Gold Rush also helped us arrange financing, and now we have a reasonable monthly bill that is less than our PG&E bill would be, and our system will be paid off in 10 years. All in all, we couldn't be more satisfied with our decision to go solar with Gold Rush.

Samantha D.
Google Review

My wife and I have spoke to well over 6 different solar companies. We didn't "feel it" with them. They would listen to what we wanted, tell us they can work with us and then hit us with the lease pitch. Even if you change the word "lease" to something else it is still a lease... Sorry. We simply wanted to buy our panels and have them installed. We wanted to have the least money out of pocket and take advantage of the government rebates and loans. We wanted to have 100% of the energy produced applied to our PG&E bill. The others said "No, no, no. We install panels, you pay us for your electricity at a reduced rate." OK, that's fair if you don't know there are other options.

Then we met Jordan and Daniel from Gold Rush Energy Solutions. They knocked on our door one HOT Saturday afternoon.

Right away my wife and I liked these guys. I had a lot of questions and they answered everything backing it up with documentation whenever I needed it. They weren't "Yes Men" though. There were a couple of points that weren't going to work but they came up with alternate approaches whenever possible. We signed on the dotted line.

Less than a week later they and their team were on our roof putting in the system. They had arrived right on time (maybe even a little early). They were professional and neat as they worked. Our neighbors had a team installing solar as well. They had ordered theirs 2-3 months prior and they were finally getting the panels put up. Their workers were definitely not on the same caliber as the Gold Rush Energy Solutions crew. One big difference was that by noon when our solar was installed it was FULLY installed. Ready to run. The inspector showed up after lunch and was done in no time. He was thrilled at the job they did with all of the electrical modifications and additions. There was nothing for hime to complain about which made his paperwork very short and simple. The house next door wasn't even scheduled for inspection yet. We had to wait a few days for PG&E to process us into the system for the meter changes they needed to do. Then we were fully online. The guys went out of their way and asked if we had any leftover house paint which we did. They painted the metal conduit running up to the roof so that it blends in... neighbors is still an ugly silver/grey.

Would I hire them again? Absolutely YES.

Would I refer them to a friend? A resounding YES.

I wish all jobs went so well.

Greg O.
Google Review

I have been meaning to review gold rush. This is my first review of a company. Had a lot of estimates felt very pressured after many of them. Daniel came out straight shooter no pressure. gave me a great price customer service was 5+ stars. I put in a large roof mount system looks great and the install crew was awesome. Don't hesitate to use this local owned small company you will be very pleased. I love to watch the meter go backwards!!!! Thanks Gold Rush

Paul N.
Yelp Review

We were referred to Gold Rush by another of their happy clients and were very impressed. After many estimates and presentations by other companies, there was no hesitation for us in choosing Gold Rush. We were also very happy to go with a smaller, local company.
Daniel was friendly and professional over the phone and impressed us with his knowledge base when we met in person. He followed up with every step, his responses timely and accurate. Their bid was the lowest and included the highest quality of panels and inverters.
The installation crew maintained the professionalism, efficiency and expertise.
If we could give 10 stars we would!!

Jenny M.
Yelp Review

Impressed with this business. They really care about their customers, and excel at going above and beyond. We had solar installed, and we are more than happy with their workmanship and professionalism. The system they installed exceeded our expectations. Amazing company and amazing team.

Dan M.
Yelp Review

We had been thinking about getting solar for a while. We had talked to different companies and when we talked to Gold Rush, it felt right and we said Yes! All the people we dealt with were polite and professional, we would recommend them:)

Molly W.
Yelp Review

I just got my solar installed and running in less than a week!! Gold Rush did a fantastic job! Daniel is extremely knowledgeable in all things solar and knows how he can save you money. He will go the extra mile for you. His team and installers were fast, polite, organized and cleaned up like they were never there! I highly recommend them if you are looking to get solar and start to save money!!

Kathy A.
Yelp Review

We spoke to a few different solar companies and right away when I received an text message from Brett at Gold Rush Energy Solutions we made our appointment that day. Right away my husband and I liked what we saw and heard. We had a lot of questions and Brett answered everything and listen to what we wanted and explained the process to us.
Less than a week later they were installing our Solar panels system on our roof. They arrived right on time. The "Team" was professional and neat as they worked. The inspector showed up after the job was done on the same day.... And the best part was we were fully online within 3 days! AMAZING JOB. These guys went out of their way and painted the metal conduit running up to the roof so that it blends in naturally with our house.
We are excited to have kept our business with an local company here in Placerville. Professionally they went over and above our expectations and we look forward to working with this team for years to come.

Thank you Brett, Erik, Jordon and Daniel and all of your team mates!

Teresa & Mike Speece
Placerville, Ca

Teresa S.
Yelp Review

We recently moved to the Placerville area and wanted to install solar at our new home so we could run our A/C without sky high PG&E bills. We spoke with multiple solar companies (both large and small) about our needs, but since we didn't have any PG&E bill history, they were all quoting systems that we felt were insufficient. Gold Rush is the only company who listened to what we wanted and worked with us to estimate our current and future power requirements (we planned to install heat pumps and a well), and designed a system to cover all of our electrical needs.

It was less than a month from when we signed the contract to the day our system was connected to the grid, which was fantastic! Another well-known local company told us it would take 3 to 4 months, and that working with PG&E to approve our system would take time. Clearly Gold Rush has a great relationship with both the county and PG&E, since the process was fast and efficient. Gold Rush also has very competitive pricing, and their final quote was less than a system quoted by another company that had fewer panels!

Daniel is great to work with, and understood our desire to have the panel layout look aesthetically pleasing on the front elevation of our house. Jordan and his crew were terrific, and they were professional and pleasant to work with. They knocked out the install of our large system in 1.5 days, and passed the inspection on the first visit. They also clearly explained how the system works, and showed me how to monitor everything with an app on my phone, which is fun, if a little addicting!

Gold Rush can also help arrange financing for the panels, and we now have a steady payment that is far less than the PG&E bills would be, and our system will be paid off in 10 years.

I would hire these guys again any time!

Samantha D.
Yelp Review

We have researched thoroughly - as we do with everything we invest in, and have met with several different solar companies from Placerville to Sacramento. and Roseville
We went to them, and they came to us.

One of our friends in the Bay area used a company called Gold Rush Energy Solutions and told us we'd get the very best service from them... well, they happen to be from our local area, so we called and made an appointment.
They had 'Daniel' came over and he explained the system and the program much better than did other companies. He made things very clear in a simple to follow presentation.
So we finally decided to go solar and we went with Gold Rush Energy Solutions.
Their number is 530-391-8330.
They can explain it so much better than I can and much better than all of the other companies we talked to.

Interestingly enough, one gal that came over to talk about their solar company took off her jacket and had a very revealing top on, and while leaning over her laptop showing me their program, was trying to make 'the hard sell' - when my wife walked in, the gal put her jacket back on and zipped it up. Oh boy...

Daniel did not need to try persuade us by using cheesy tactics.
We have had our system for awhile now and are very pleased with it, and each month PG&E owes us money.
It is transferable if you sell your house, you can leave it to your kids in your will, etc.
We were very impressed with such a job well done, they cleaned up and made the place look better then before they arrived.
They really went above and beyond our expectations. Really! We were surprised and grateful.
They are very professional and very nice. They really seem to care about what they are doing for the environment, and for their customers.
Our neighbors were impressed enough that they came over and met the guys that were working on the roof, and set an appointment to have Gold Rush Energy Solutions install solar for them also.
We have yet to post a formal review (but should - we don't do that often enough).
You can trust them.
We will use them again on our next place.
We would like to publicly say "Thank You" to everyone at Gold Rush Energy Solutions Solar!!!
It's about time we have quality customer service and hard working help again, glad these guys helped us!

VanDam U.
Yelp Review

Gold Rush provided excellent service to us all along the journey. From the initial visit, it was clear they were very professional and technically very knowledgable. After an initial proposal was received, which was provided quickly, they addressed all of the technical questions, clarifications, and options patiently so I understood everything and could make a wise decision for our home. This was in contrast to other companies that were not as responsive in terms of initial proposals and subsequent clarifications. And the price offered by Gold Rush was very competitive. It was also extremely important for us to have the solar installation operating in just 2 months before year end. Once we signed the contract, their performance even improved. The initial design was very fast, they incorporated a few of my review comments/questions, and then permitting process with the City was very fast. My 20 panel system was installed in just one day, and the installers were just as professional and courteous as those that we dealt with during the proposal and contract phase. Gold Rush handled the paperwork with PG&E, and I think we were producing energy within approximately one month. We can monitor energy online, they set us up and showed us how to use the software, very easy.The system is operating well, and I have had no issues. Gold Rush exceeded all of our expectations, and made this experience a real joy for us. I highly recommend them to anyone planning to install a home solar system in the area.

SolarReviews Review

We spoke with several solar companies this summer when we were researching our options to install solar on our new home in the Placerville area, and Gold Rush really stood out from the rest. Daniel listened to what we wanted to achieve, helped us estimate our current and future power needs, and then designed a system to meet all of our requirements. He also explained the system and its components, which allowed us to understand what we were buying.

These guys also did shade analysis on our multi-level roof, which no one else offered to do. We also asked for the front elevation to have fewer panels to maintain some aesthetic appeal, and Daniel made sure we were happy with the final design before any work was started.

Gold Rush had the system installed and connected to the grid within a month of signing the contract, which exceeded our expectations. We'd been told by a different well-known local company that it would take 3 to 4 months to complete install and connect to the grid, so when we were up and running within a month, we were pretty ecstatic. We were able to run our A/C during the hottest July on record, and not have a huge PG&E bill as a result!

Jordan and his crew did a great job on the install, and we wish all contractors were so easy to work with. We would hire Gold Rush again anytime, they are all professional, courteous and efficient.

Gold Rush also helped us arrange financing, and that process was very simple. Our panels will be paid off in 10 years, and no more PG&E bills!.

SolarReviews Review

Gold Rush Energy Solutions installed solar for my new home recently. Aesthetics were really important to me and Daniel made sure to come up with a design to keep panels from the main view of the street. The installers did clean work and were very professional. I asked if they could install a manual generator switch for me and they did it, no problem. I'm very happy with my overall experience and suggest you give them a call if you're thinking about installing solar at your home ~five stars all around.

SolarReviews Review

The people at Gold Rush Energy Solutions are extremely professional and knowledgeable from Chief Operations Officer Daniel Ramirez who gave an excellent detailed presentation of our project right down to each of the numerous polite employees of the installation team.
These guys really know their product.
We have the LG panels with the micro inverters and they are doing a great job so far. They produced enough energy in one week to give us a $420.00 credit on our first bill. We were up and running within 3 weeks of signing our contract. Most of the 3 weeks were spent getting county approval.
We could not be more pleased. I would recommend Gold Rush Energy Solutions with great confidence to anyone interested in Solar.

SolarReviews Review